Marriage and Relationship

Let's get this straight Relationship and Marriage are two different things even if you have lived or are still living with your partner. In the African context for instance, you have in laws to deal with when you are married because traditionally you are married to spouse' family, besides why get married if they are the same. Anyway, enough of the argument, here are some of the many things we  will discuss on the site;


> Difference between lust and love


> How to get him to propose


> What am I doing wrong?


> Am I with the right person?


> Is my marriage heading for divorce?


> How to keep my relationship


> How to keep my marriage


> Dealing with divorce


> Moving on



Now because everyone's story is relative, I believe that there aren't always universal answers or solutions to these situations, this is the reason I would rather discuss them with you one on one. So send an email regarding any of the above or anything related to and we will be happy to talk to you.

Love is Beautiful