About Me

Hi guys, I'm Mrs. Sharon Botta Abu. I am a happily married young woman with a brilliant, handsome and hilarious son, Jaden (1year+). I have known my amazing, loving and most supportive husband for almost a decade and we've been married for nearly two years. I could go on and on telling you how great they are. Life has been beautiful with them and I must say that I am blessed. 

Well, I am from a family of two children, just my elder sister and myself. I am half Italian and my mother,  Nigerian but I've lived in Nigeria almost all my life. I am a graduate of Philosophy from the University of Abuja.

 I had been into realtor Biz, product management, executive assistant and writing for sometime but decided to start this blog because its what I love to do plus my friends and husband keep telling me I'm good at giving advice particularly on relationships, business ideas and life in general and so that explains this course of this blog, to share my knowledge with everyone and hopefully learn from it.

Most blogs i've searched on relationship advice give me answers to western (oyibo) related issues so I've decided to talk mostly in the African context with emphasis to Nigerian relationships where I'll be sharing some interesting tips and tricks, real life stories and some fun facts.

 I must emphasize that I am not a proffesional at this, whatever stated here is only my opinion which I'm glad has worked for a good number of people. This blog will focus on relationships/marriage and everything in between. Feel free to share your opinions, agreements or disagreements with me, I'll be happy to learn a thing or more.

You can write me directly if you have any questions or suggestions or story to share on theshouldertolean@gmail.com

About Me